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Wida Procurement & Supply Chain Solutions

We are more than just a wholesaler and distributor  --  we are developing as a Supply Chain Solution for businesses! We welcome requests or suggestions for the goods you are looking for. We source directly from factories, both domestic and worldwide.


We encourage you to let us know of your interest in new products and we look forward to any suggestions or specifications you might have. For larger volumes (quantity varies for each product and manufacturer), we are able to facilitate Original Design Manufacturing, Original Equipment Manufacturing and Private Label services.

Benefits of using our Wida Procurement & Supply Chain Solutions include:


  • Sourcing new, innovative, and premium-quality products

  • Replacing multiple, existing, or previous suppliers with We Sustain       to  consolidate, streamline, and centralize your supply chain

  • We can help fill in the gaps where existing suppliers fall short by           helping to provide consistent product supply

  • Save time and money by outsourcing your procurement and supply chain management

  • Cost savings on existing products

  • Improving product quality and specifications

  • Premium supplier service and support

  • Custom & Own Label products

  • Improving product features, quality and specifications to meet your customer/market needs

  • Quality Assurance

  • Supply Chain Management – we manage all stages including sourcing, design, procurement, production, quality assurance, customs/importation and logistics

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Who Has been Using Our Supply Chain Solutions?

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